Gradual & Pre Tan

Snap up one of our gradual fake tans and give your skin the hydration & moisture it needs for a sought after glow! Perfect for beginners or daily wearers, our gradual tanners are just what you need to enjoy a bronzed look all year round.
Prep your skin before the gradual self tan with our Pre-Tan Primer and follow it with our original Gradual Tanner. Achieve a beautiful, natural, glowing tan while nourishing your skin.
Our Gradual Tan moisturiser will take two to three days to develop into a light natural bronzed skin. All our products and Gradual Tanners, mousse and drops are 100% cruelty free, vegan and paraben free.
If you prefer a faster sun-kissed glow, our Instant Tanner is just for you!

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