About Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan is the first self-tanner that combines a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin smoothing actives to tan, contour and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite!

  • Made with naturally derived tanning actives

  • Instantly bronzes and lasts up to 7 days!

  • Smells like a coconut island breeze

  • Streak free natural looking tan

Skinny Tan is is the worlds first tanner that visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite. The fastest growing sunless tanner globally, Skinny Tan continues to impress all customers with its natural, no orange, no streaking formula that aids in the fight against cellulite. The more it is used the more effective it becomes. 

Extensive R&D is what sets Skinny Tan apart from all other tanners. The founders of the brand did not stop until they had a product they knew customers would fall in love with. 'Come for the Skinny-Stay for the Tan'. A saying which illustrates just how nice the tanner actual is....and it fights your cellulite. 

Stocked in Priceline-Target-Woolworths (10 Stores) & Chemist Warehouse, Skinny Tan is available to most consumers locally and online in our and many retailers sites. 

Globally endorsed by big name celebrities, Skinny Tan is set to be your partner in crime when trying to look and feel your best.