Stocking Filler! Instant Tanner 125ml

Our Instant Tanner is the perfect face and body bronzing miracle makeup for those who want to glam up with tan in an instant! The super glowing iridescent gel formula applies easily with a luminous bronze satin finish that covers blemishes, disguises cellulite, and gives a natural glowing tan that dries fast and then washes off when you next shower. 

Great for a quick tan for a night out when you’re feeling a bit pale, but want to wash it all away once your home. Very popular to use for an all in one face moisturising bronzer with a youthful glow as an alternative to powder bronzers for face tanning.  You can mix it with your normal make-up to boost the glow and bronze of your complexion or use it on its own - no need for a cakey foundation!