Miracle Brush

Introducing the NEW Miracle Tanning Application Brush!

The ideal tool for flawless tan application and blending. 

The Miracle Brush is an ultra-soft, ergonomically shaped brush for easy application of any self-tan product onto smaller trouble areas such as hands, feet, face, and neck.  The unique angled brush shape allows for the easy application on hard to reach areas and creases, while the premium, ultra-soft synthetic bristles effortlessly blend tan into the skin for flawless, streak-free results.  


1. Deposit a small amount of self-tan onto the area of application, and buff with the Miracle Brush in circular motions until blended.  

2. Rinse with lukewarm, soapy water and leave to dry before storing in a clean place.  

TIP: For best results ensure your skin is clean and exfoliated before tanning, and apply a light layer of moisturiser to any particularly dry areas to help your tan develop evenly.