Top 3 Tanning Tips From A Pro

Top 3 Tanning Tips From A Pro

Introducing Our Resident Tanning Expert

There’s no denying that tanning is probably one of the most confusing parts of your beauty regime. With so many options and so many ways you can go wrong, it’s no surprise that many of you get in touch with us to ask all those burning top tanning questions!

We’re always here to help you make the best choices, find the perfect product for your needs and set you up with a tanning regime that leaves you glowing and flawless – but now we’re taking it up a notch…

Meet our NEW Skinny Tan ‘resident tanning expert’ Claire Lambert!

Claire will be here to share her professional tanning tips, product recommendations and helpful words of wisdom to ensure every single one of you look and feel your best tanned self. She’ll be hosting live workshops on our social media, be on hand to answer your questions and you may even see her popping up over on our YouTube channel!

But first, let’s get to know her a little better...

Claire, can you tell us a little about yourself?
My love for fake tan started from my first ever application back in 2001. It ignited my passion for all things tanning and gave me the drive to share the confidence a healthy glow can give you! I truly believe a bit of fake tan can help boost your body confidence.

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over a decade, specialising in tanning; since launching my own spray tanning business I’ve worked with many influencers, sports figures and VIPs, as well as photoshoots, filming and stage work – so I really do know tan!

What do you love about Skinny Tan?
I adore Skinny Tan because they’re offer the most natural looking tans with the nicest, skin-loving ingredients; I’ve been a huge fan for many years now.

The brand is also ever-evolving and always pushing the boundaries of tanning by continuing to develop unexpected combinations with amazing results, making flawless tanning easy for everyone to achieve - from beginners to experts.

It keeps me recommending Skinny Tan to my clients' time and time again.

Are you excited to be working with Skinny Tan as our resident tanning expert?
It’s a huge honour for me, as I’m such a brand fan. Everything from the colour result and the scents, to the most natural fade-off I’ve ever seen, has made me a loyal follower since the moment I tried my first bottle.

As a pro-tanner, the confidence I have in Skinny Tan also helps me advise my clients on the best products for their spray tan preparation, aftercare and top-up to give them the most flawless, longest lasting tans possible.

I can’t wait to share more tanning tips and advice working with this amazing brand!

What would your top 3 tanning tips be to anyone  wanting to nail their routine?
It's all about 'Good Preparation - Correct Application - Post Tan Preservation'! 

Good Preparation: Remove hair 24 hours before, exfoliate using Skinny Tan’s Exfoliating Mitt in the shower to create a fresh canvas, and apply moisturiser to dry areas (including ankles, knees, elbows and hands.)  

Correct Application: Always wear gloves or use a tanning mitt, as this will reduce the chances of any errors and will also protect your hands from staining. For hands and feet, I'd always recommend using Skinny Tan's Miracle Brush to help buff the tan in flawlessly. And wear loose fitting clothing during the development time!

Post Tan Preservation: Moisturise every day to prolong the life of your tan and help it fade naturally; remember, a tan lasts longer on hydrated skin! You can also use a daily gradual tanner to keep the colour topped up - I personally love the Body Glow Lotion.

What is the number one most common tanning mistake you see?
Patchy hands, feet and elbows! This can be easily avoided by applying moisturiser to these areas right before tanning and then buffing using the Skinny Tan Miracle Brush. If it's already too late, you can help soften the colour by gently rubbing them with either baby oil or lemon juice mixed with bicarbonate of soda.

Watch this space for more top tips, recommendations and pro advice from Claire in the coming months.

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