5 reasons to avoid the sun and fake tan instead

5 reasons to avoid the sun and fake tan instead

The sun isn’t evil. It gives us essential Vitamin D, makes flowers grow, and provides the perfect lighting for great selfies. But it’s probably the worst way to get a tan. Don’t believe us? Let’s delve into the facts and find out why it’s a way better (and safer!) idea to get your tan from a bottle instead of the sun.

The rise of solar danger

As much as we love sunbaking, sometimes you can get too much of a good thing.

Sun exposure can take a serious toll on your skin and pose a real health risk. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, there were 300,000 new cases of melanoma (skin cancer) in 2018 alone. It’s hardly surprising that tanning beds have fallen out of fashion.

Quality fake tans — like Skinny Tan — utilise safe, natural ingredients to give you a glowing tan without putting your health at risk.

The sun is aging

It goes without saying that most people get a tan to look better. Whether it’s a summery glow or the potential to look slimmer, a tan can do wonders for your appearance in so many ways. So why would you choose a tanning method that’s going to make you look worse in the long run?

This is exactly what tanning in the sun does. Prolonged sun exposure dries out your skin, causes wrinkles and sunspots, and speeds up your skin’s aging process. Simply put: it makes you look older, faster.

Fake tan, on the other hand, doesn’t come with these side effects. If you want to look younger for longer, then bust out a hat and sunscreen and keep your supply of Skinny Tan well-stocked at all times!

Fake tan’s convenience factor is unbeatable

Unless you’re blessed enough to live in a perpetually sunny part of the world, then you’ll know how unreliable the sun can be. The sun is only out for a certain amount of hours each day, unless it’s raining or cloudy. And chances are you’re probably at work during prime tanning hours. Who actually has time to maintain a natural tan these days?

Fake tan, on the other hand, lets you tan on demand. Whether that’s a quick application before bed or worked in to your usual self-care routine, you can give your skin’s glow a quick boost any time you like.

Fake tan is non-committal

Unless you make the mistake of going full Ross Geller, it’s always reassuring to know that accidentally going overboard with the fake tan is a temporary situation. You can literally scrub away unwanted layers of tan. Not to mention you’ll be left with smoother skin. It’s kind of a win-win, right?

A natural tan, on the other hand, is much more of a commitment. We’ve all experienced sunburn so bad that we’ve worn the memory for an entire summer, desperately willing those uneven patches to fade. Suddenly you have to buy an entirely new shade of foundation— oh, and did we mention your boss now knows you definitely spent the day at the beach when you were supposed to be “sick”?

Three words: no tan lines

Awkward, swimsuit-shaped tan lines. The struggle of topless tanning on a crowded beach. The impossibility of fixing a blotchy natural tan. Need we say more?

Fake tan allows you to tan anywhere your handy tan roller applicator can reach, and fixing any missed spots is as easy as reapplying to the bits you missed. Better yet, you’ll never have to pick a bikini based on the tan line potential again. Enough said.

Ready to make the switch from sun to bottle? Check out the full Skinny Tan range right now— you might even be able to grab a bargain in our online sales.

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