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Our Skinny Legs Medium/Dark is a salon-quality self-tanner that instantly airbrushes your skin with a natural bronze glow that develops into a deeper tan that lasts up to 7 days. Skinny Legs includes eco-certified and naturally derived actives that work with your skin to tan, tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite and can be used all over the body to make you beautifully tanned but also slimmer too!

Perfect for the transition from Summer to the cooler months, our Gradual Tanner contains lower levels of our famous naturally-derived tanning agents. The formula allows you to build colour up each day to your desired level of tan, making it perfect for those who are constantly searching for the perfect, custom colour. Our Gradual Tanner also contains Guarana, which when applied topically, penetrates the skin's surface to help smooth and firm skin, as well as helping reduce the visible appearance of cellulite. 


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