NEW Face Mousse + FREE Miracle Brush and FREE Face Mitt.

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Semi-permanent complexion perfection!  Applies in minutes - lasts for weeks! 
Get an incredible glowing, tanned, complexion that lasts for weeks - NO MAKEUP! 
Light, non-cakey and lasts for weeks!  Your semi-permanent complexion in a bottle means you can wake-up with perfect skin every morning and never have to apply cakey, chemical make-up foundation! 
Skinny Tan Mousse for Face Tanning is a mini size small enough to fit in your make-up bag and large enough to tan the face at least 10 times per bottle.  Order it today and receive a FREE Miracle Brush and a FREE Face application luxury dual sided mitt.
Skinny Tan Mousse is made from 95% naturally derived ingredients.

Why are women choosing Skinny Tan Mousse as the lighter, longer lasting alternative to heavy make-up?  Because its the first tanning breakthrough that combines natural looking tanning with guarana in a whipped coconut mousse so it applies in seconds. Lasts up to 14 days. And never ever goes streaky.

No orange - no animal testing  and no parabens.  Its even suitable for Vegans.

In fact Skinny Tan Mousse is made from 95% naturally derived ingredients-

Made in Australia Skinny Tan Mousse combines a  natural version of the dha tanning agent and caffeine from naturally derived Guarana.  

Skinny Tan Mousse applies so easily sinking all the Skinny Tan goodness into your skin  with a guide colour for amazing INSTANT results.   

A Longer lasting tan develops in just hours to a deeper natural tan that lasts up to 14 days!

Kit includes 

1 X Mousse Face size 50ml

1 x Miracle Brush

1 x Mini Mitt for Face