PACK 1 INCLUDES: 1 x Roller Applicator 1 x Body Mousse!

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Roller Applicator | The perfect soft, velvet roller applicator is here! The first in the world, it's easy, ergonomic design will keep hands stain-free, and help you reach all the tough spots! Achieving the perfect, natural tan just got easier with Skinny Tan and our break-through Roller Applicator. Simply apply Skinny Tan product or choice directly to your skin (or the roller), and spread with roller for an even, streak-free tan! Roller sponge can be removed and rinsed with warm water for multiple uses. 

Body Mousse Dark | PRE-SALE: SHIPPED NOVEMBER 15TH - NEW Skinny Tan Mousse Dark combines not one but two green based certified natural tanning agents plus organic coconut for a delicious scent, organic Aloe Vera to help moisturise and of course the most popular cellulite active caffeine from naturally sourced Guarana Berries. Skinny Tan Mousse Dark applies so easily sinking all the Skinny Tan goodness into your skin in a light fluffy mousse formula with a guide colour for amazing INSTANT results.  Leave for 2-3 hours for an Express medium tan or 6 hours for a deep dark tan that lasts up to 14 days.

Gradual Tan Extender | A beautiful body butter cremé with lower levels of natural tanning actives so you can prolong and extend the perfect depth of tan. Combined with the natural cellulite active Gurana, this tan extender will have you glowing from the inside, out!