Professional Spray Tanning Courses by
GAP Training 

Our aim is offering universal training within the beauty industry bridging the GAP in training methods and processes, supporting the industry with highly qualified and professional staff, and up-skilling technicians and therapists to be the best in the industry.

“Professional Training for Professionals”

6-hour course | A comprehensive understanding of tanning and tanning techniques.

This course is fully assessed on competency to complete a full tanning program including introduction to  contouring the body for photographic and body sculpturing.

Course Content:

  • History of sunless tanning
  • Tanning equipment
  • Salon Set up
  • Preparing your customer
  • Tanning techniques
  • Contouring
  • Post consultation
  • Aftercare process

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Tanning Tips

Tip No 3 - Layer to get the most natural shade

Never choose a tanner that calls itself ‘dark’ as you could find yourself looking way too fake. It is far better to choose a medium natural shade like Skinny Tan and apply a few times to get the darker shade you like naturally. Skinny Tan self-tanners will build like a natural tan and fade like a natural tan. Each application layer will take the skin tone two shades darker that the layer before.

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