Tan & Tone Oil | DOUBLE DEAL


Luxury tanning oil that helps to hydrate the skin while building a lasting and streak-free tan. No orange, no nasty smell, and no need to rinse!

Our oil's smooth application and silky finish leave you with an instant bronze glow that develops into a long-lasting natural colour. Say goodbye to tiger bread legs! The super nourishing formula of Tan & Tone Oil means you can either layer up to deepen your tan, or top up to maintain your colour, without drying out your skin.

Why you'll love me:

✔️ No need to rinse off
✔️ Hydrating formula for long-lasting wear
✔️ Instant bronze glow develops into natural colour
✔️ Smooth and silky application
✔️ Coconut and vanilla scent – no biscuit smell!

Bundle includes:

  • 2 x Tan & Tone Oil
  • 1 x Dual Tanning Mitt