Deluxe Accessories Kit

Everything you need for a FLAWLESS tan! 

For your body: Perfectly blend your tan onto your legs, arms and upper body with our velvet Dual Tanning Mitt. Then take our BRAND NEW back applicator with it's unique seamless edge to get those hard to reach places on your back... no more human pretzel! 

For your face: Apply a small amount of any self-tan product to the Mini Mitt and blend in gentle circular motions over the desired area until flawlessly covered.   

Hands and feet: Here's where the Miracle Brush comes in... pump a small amount of your self-tan onto the brush and blend onto your hands, then repeat for your feet. Buff the product in with the brush to cover all the little nooks and cranny's. 

This bundle is the secret to applying tan that looks so natural, no one will know you're faking it!

Bundle includes:

1 x NEW back applicator

1 x Miracle Brush

1 x Dual Application Mitt

1 x Mini Mitt