SkinnyTan's Top Tanning Commandments

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  1. You must picking the right shade for your skin
  • Tan is created in different shade for a reason ladies! If you’re pale, try the normal shade before trying the dark or ultra dark formulas. You will most likely find the original shade will be a better more flattering tan than the ultra dark!
  • You must pick the method and formula that suits your lifestyle
  • Tanning can be a hassle if it doesn’t fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. So pick a product that works into you routine.
  • A Beauty Junkie who spends time each night on her beauty regime – you’ve got time and patience to use gradual to slowly build up your perfect tan night after night. Try a Gradual Tanner:
  • Not a planner, and forgotten about girls drinks you have tonight? Or a last-minute tinder date has popped up? Go for Instant Tan. It’s so easy to apply you can even keep in in your desk draw and apply to your legs and arms in the office bathroom:
  • Or perhaps you’re a weekly die hard tanner. A “thursday night is tan night and the night I go from a 5 to a 10”. Go for your reliable, trusty overnight foam or cream:
  • You must picking the right formula for your skin:
  • Don’t ignore the condition of your skin. If you tend to have dry skin, opt for lotion or oil over mousse, as these formulas are generally are more hydrating. Try: which is infused with nourishing coconut oil
  • You must use your applicator:

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