Must-Have shoes for Spring Summer '17

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Fashion weeks all over the globe finalised a couple weeks ago and that means trends are out! We spotted the Top 7 Must Have shoes for Spring / Summer directly from the runway and into your closet!


Trend #1: Lace Up Heels

If there is someone who knows how to do sexy, that’s Italian fashion designers. Armani, Versace, Prada, Gucci and Ferragamo they all showed their love for lace up heels in the runway.


Trend #2: Mules

Who doesn’t love shoes that can easily switch from day to night and look equally stylish? Mules are here and they are the perfect pairing for your boyfriend jeans and your LBD.


Trend #3: Block Heels

Chunky block heels where seen in all major shows from Dior to Valentino, and sincerely, we are so happy a glam and comfy trend is happening!


Trend #4: Embellished Flats

The classic ballerina takes a break and embellished flats take over with colourful pompoms, rhinestones and ribbons decorating your feet. Major runway crush? Dolce & Gabbana’s pompom wrap around sandals.


Trend #5: Gladiators

Start showing off those skinny tanned legs cause gladiators aren’t going anywhere this season. Up to the ankle or all the way up to your knees, gladiators are definitively of the season’s hottest trends.


 Trend #6: Shower Shoes

Probably the major surprise in this year’s runway shows was Chloe, Lacoste and Rocha all reinventing the classic shower shoe with a glam twist! 


Trend #7: Loafer Slides

Love the preppy look? Upgrade your style with this season’s loafer slides. Take it from Victoria Beckham, they are an absolute must-have.






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